Thursday, February 6, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Well the 1000 burpee challenge was going pretty good until yesterday when I woke up with a very cranky lower back.  Anything that involves bending over and twisting is suddenly a very bad thing.  I can walk straight and be fine, but the second I try to bend over, it's game over. 

Handy.  I have no idea what I even did, felt great when I went to bed Tuesday night.  I didn't even do a burpee or vigorous activity Tuesday.  I did 15 minutes of yoga in the morning before work. I woke up Wednesday morning and could hardly climb out of bed.   Working out on the elliptical seemed to help loosen it up for a bit.  I think because it involves no bending over and is all up and down and straight ahead with no impact it was okay.

It is still pretty tight this morning, but feeling a little better.  I think I will take it easy the rest of the week.

2.  I love the Olympics and it seems this year there are a lot of problems, in fact so many it is comical.  If you haven't already check out @sochifail and @sochiproblems on Twitter.  I was dying laughing.  Although I do have to admit, it also makes me a little sad for the people of Sochi/Russia how embarrassing for them!  Here is a sampling.

I can't help but wonder if the interpretor for some of those signs did some of that on purpose? This LINK has a lot of funny pictures too.

3. The winners for my Cocogo giveaway are posted today.


  1. I am so looking to the Winter Olympics. I love them! But so sad about all the issues they are having. It is ridiculous!

    Maria @ The Good Life

  2. Those pics are hilarious! I hope your back feels better soon:)

  3. I love those pictures!! Hilarious!! I hope your back is better soon!!!

  4. Oh man, those pictures are ridiculous.

    I hope your back feels better!!

  5. Since Utah (where I live) hosted the Winter Olympics (back in 2002) I have looked at the hosting city with more interest. I have heard SO much about Sochi and the games haven't even officially begun yet!

    Hope your back feels better - I've had a few times were it has gone out for no explainable reason.


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