Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A mental health day

My daughter had a tummy ache yesterday morning, it seemed pretty bad until the bus left the driveway.  I considered making her get dressed and meeting the bus at another stop, but then decided sometimes we all just need a mental health day and let her stay home with me.  I think she approved.
All except for the part where I made her clean her room, but it does look better!

Since she was home and it was crazy windy out I used that as an excuse to catch up on the latest Downton Abbey episode and exercised on the elliptical instead of running.  Lame I know, but I really love that show!

Did you know Runnersworld.com has yoga videos just for runners? They have three, so far I have only done the first one, but intend to try the other two. 

Also my Gone For a Run $20 gift card giveaway ends tomorrow!

Have you ever taken a mental health day?  If my boss is reading this..no.


  1. I think everyone in awhile we all need one!! I get PTO so whether it's mental health or vacation doesn't matter, but every now and then on a whim I do take the day off.

  2. I could never manage to trick my mom into letting me stay home if I wasn't sick...maybe it was the guilt. I don't really take mental health days now since I work from home, but I used to take a day off every now and then when I worked in an office.

  3. Hey, I love Downton Abbey too! Yesterday I was just not feeling running outside so I did the bike for an hour and I am feeling it today. Oh my gosh, your daughter is so cute! :)


  4. Mental health days are my favorite! My mom used to let me take them every now and again when I was school, and it was always a great way to bond and unwind. Glad she's on the mend!

  5. When I used to have a job many many years ago, I would take those days all the time;)

  6. She is so cute! I'd like to take a mental health day from being a mom of two boys! I need one every day ;)

  7. Your daughter is so cute! And yes, mental health days are necessary! And I am with you...I love Downton Abbey! :-)


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