Thursday, February 13, 2014

Update on Popsicle

Remember the calf I posted about yesterday.  We had her in the house Sunday night/ Monday morning since she was born in the below zero wind chills and tried to freeze to death.  My husband had her back with her mom later that day.  Her mom is a heifer (think basically a teenager, not too bright and a little clueless, first time mom) so she needs a little more help.  Popsicle, the baby, is a little slow catching on to nursing, but seems to be getting it, her mom is being a little difficult and keeps wanting to kick the baby.  She seemed to be doing a little better with it all yesterday though. The hobbles on her back feet preventing her from kicking may be helping.

I helped my husband in the morning yesterday with some heifers and then ditched my Carhartts

in favor of the running clothes I had on underneath. Cola and I went for a great 6 mile run in the above freezing temps.  36 degrees and a little windy. 

also I noticed yesterday's post was titled Three Things Tuesday when in fact it was Wednesday.  Fail.  I guess I had running on the brain. Must have been the hat.

What was a recent fail you've had lately?


  1. Ha, I hate when my brain is a day ahead. It's so sad when you find out the truth. Why don't you have a pic of the calf in the house? I have fails all the time. A lot of them stem from my lack of memory. Like I'll waste half my morning waiting for the copier to make copies then get back to my room to find out I already made those copies three days ago.

  2. Lol! I definitely sent my daughter with her Valentines to school today...ooops! Thankfully the teachers know I'm a little busy!

  3. Yay, I'm glad things are going better for the calf. Too cute!!

  4. LOL. I didn't even notice the days were off!

  5. I love Popsicle and so glad things are going better. Looks like Rocky is doing well too! Cute hat.

  6. My most recent fail was thinking yesterday was Thursday when in reality was Wednesday. Way to work with my emotions. Ha! Awe, I love popsicle. She is so cute! I hope momma gets better with her.

    Maria @ The Good Life

  7. Ha! I didn't even realize they were off either! Guess we all had a fail there! Fails for me? WAAAAYYY too many to count :)

    I'm glad Popsicle is doing better!!

  8. I really dig your "life on a ranch" updates. I've been watching The Last American Cowboy, and now I want to live on a farm.

    I'm so glad she's doing better!


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