Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursdays Things

1.  I didn't run on National Running Day.  I really did mean to, I wore running clothes to work so that I would be ready to run after work, but then when I got off work little rainstorms kept rolling through and since they all had the potential to be thunderstorms and I have zero desire to get hit by lightening I stayed in the house and did some power yoga with Zuzka Light instead.

2. I got up and ran 6 miles this morning instead.  It was a beautiful morning and I was feeling it so I did some speed work and loved every second of it, though by the end my legs were tired!  Whew.  I did two 800 intervals and 5x 400s.  I forgot how painful 800s can be!  It does feel so good to be back to doing speed work!  So far I am only doing it once a week, but plan to add another session in soon if I keep feeling good.

3. Then to make the day even better I saddled up and helped an aunt and a cousin move some cow/calf pairs to another pasture. 
A gorgeous day for a ride.  I saw a bunch of turtles at the above watering hole.

The cows and calves for the most part moved really good. Until we got them to where we were going and the mamas took off to eat as much as they could and check out the greener pasture.  This left us with a bunch of babies in the back that didn't know where their mommas were so they wanted to go back to the previous place to find their moms. 
4. 37 days until my next half marathon!!!


  1. your photos are always so picturesque and great quality. I think it doesn't matter how in shape you are, 800s are always painful!

  2. I didn't run yesterday either and don't feel the least bit guilty. And what gorgeous scenery you are surrounded with! Montana is definitely on my list of places to visit if I ever get west of the Mississippi!

  3. Why DO 800s hurt so much? I always wonder.... as I'm trying not to puke. Ha. Gorgeous pictures, as always!

  4. I too was going to say gorgeous pictures as always! Glad your running continues to feel good!

  5. So, so pretty! And you're moving really well, especially after a long layoff!

  6. Speed work is the worst. That's probably why I only do it if I can find someone to do it with me at the track.

  7. wow wow wow! i love where you live. and that you do things like "saddle up." i'm so jealous.

    awesome work with the speed! i agree, 800s hurt.


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