Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Workout out Wednesday and some great deals on Cocogo and Swirlgear

The last two weeks I have been major slacking on my strength training.  I think it has something to do with it being so nice out and having a million things to do outside.  Anyway I am determined to do better this week.  and so far I am.

I got up early and did 6x 800 intervals and then ran the last two miles at goal half marathon pace.  It is hard to beat a sunrise run in the summer.
After a little breakfast I decided to take my workout outside and do box jumps in a workout for the first time ever.  I also decided to do it Tabata style. (20 seconds working 10 seconds rest) This old set of stairs was my inspiration.  I am trying to figure out something Pinteresty to do with them with flowers.
Cola thought I was losing it jumping up and down on over and over. 
For now it makes for a great workout station!  I am already planning the next workout on it.

Today's looked like this:

First set: 4 minutes
  • Box jumps
  • Legs elevated pushups
Second Set:  4 minutes
  • Toe taps on steps
  • Monkey pushups
Third Set:   4 minutes
  • Single arm kettlebell swings alt arms
  • Russian twists
Fourth Set: this set I did two of for a total of 8 minutes
  • Lunge back, pass the kettle bell under leg
  • lateral plank dip and knee tuck (alt sides each set)
Fifth Set:   4 minutes
  • Push press with kettlebell
  • pushups with both hands on the kettle bell (killers)
Sixth Set:  4 minutes
  • Butt lifts single leg alt legs
  • tricep dip leg lifts
For a total of 28 minutes, I did this workout outside and was a sweaty mess when I was done.  I topped it off with an hour of hoeing and pulling weeds in my garden.  A shower felt so good after all of this.

Now the deals:

If you have been wanting to try Cocogo and haven't yet now is a great time.  The Cocogo website has just been revamped and shopping on it is easier than ever.  I have used it for my half training and it never makes my stomach upset and since it has calories in it, my need to take in any is decreased.  Everyone has their own point for taking a gel, but now I don't use them at all. 
There are a lot of sports drinks out there, all claiming to pump up your performance. But Cocogo has the best mix of benefits:
  • Hydrating coconut water
  • Freeze-dried fruit for flavor
  • The best balance of electrolytes
  • An ideal blend of sugars
  • 7 essential vitamins (source)
In addition to getting 40% off with the code "CHRISTYRUNS" you can also enjoy free shipping the rest of this week when you make a purchase from their online store.  YAY

If you are trying to decide what flavor to try I recommend grape.  SO FREAKING GOOD.  I really like the raspberry passionfruit too.

Plus you can get this water bottle for about 6 dollars with the discount code.  I take mine everywhere.
Another great deal running around the web is the sale Swirlgear is having to clear the shelves for the new line coming in.  All of the long sleeve apparel is currently 60% off plus if you use the code "swirlon" you can get free shipping without having to
spend the $75 dollar minimum.
ALSO  I was texting with our team captain for Ragnar Napa this morning.  She is working on assigning legs for the relay and I think I am going to really love my leg.

Know of any great deals out there?  Do share!


  1. That sounds like a killer workout! I need to look into getting a kettle bell for at home after I finally have things unpacked and settled in the new house.

  2. I think the outdoor chores trumping workouts thing is going to mess up some of my strength training this week, too... like it did today. We're trying to get our deck sanded and stained, and it's a hot, filthy, sweaty job (much because we waited WAY too long to do it). Today, we didn't even get done sanding it before it started raining (AGAIN), but I was too tired and dirty to go to the gym. Oh well. I'll have strong forearms, at least, from manning the sander all day.

  3. That workout made my legs ache and I didn't even do it. I am so scared of box jumps, one day I will get over that fear.

  4. LOL swirl gear just makes me think of Orange is the New Black. I'm so bad with coming up with strength training workouts. I never ever do them without someone else explicitly directing me.

  5. That sunrise picture is gorgeous!!! I love how you use things all around your house to get in your strength! You're so creative!!

  6. Box jumps terrify me. I hyperventilate at the sight of them. All I can see is the aftermath of me failing and skinning my shins raw. GAH!

  7. Seeing your feet on that box had me thinking you were getting ready for a backflip :)

  8. I'm with ImTheMarigold, box jumps scare me. I'm pretty sure I'd fall off and break myself.


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