Sunday, June 15, 2014

Looking at last week

First of all Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there and of course to my Poppa and the father of my children. so lucky to have such great men in my life.

Sunday       45 minutes yoga in the morning
                   12 mile long run.  I made this a hillier than normal long run and really felt it.

Monday      20 minutes yoga before work
                   16 minute HIIT after work  Sexy Beast, one of my favorite old Bodyrock workouts,
                   although I went with 50/10 second intervals instead of 30/10 and did four rounds.

Tuesday     5.5 mile run
                   20 minute HIIT in the afternoon, back to more old Bodyrock with Mission Abspossible

Wednesday  60 min elliptical
                    30 minutes yoga
                    10 minutes HIIT 

Thursday     35 minutes yoga  in the morning before work

Friday          40 minutes yoga after work

Saturday    RACE DAY    Heart and Soul 10k 6.2 miles with another 1 mile with kids later in the day
Runs 24.7 over 3 runs
Strength  3
Yoga 5
Elliptical 60 minutes

In other news my irises are blooming and the goats aren't eating them so that is a double win

 and the kids and I had another great hike today. Fun times

I am working on my race recap, I will give a spoiler.. my Garmin never found a satellite.. gah!
How was your weekend?


  1. I love the irises! So pretty!

  2. Hiking with your kids is the best! My kids are grown and on their own, and I really miss our hikes.

  3. I can't wait to hear about the race! I'm getting so antsy about getting cleared to run next week. I am losing it!

  4. can't wait to hear about the race! i'm going to go straight there ...


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