Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gait Analysis and a Fab Race Picture

 Nothing to do with my gait analysis, but my kids thought I should throw this one in from our hike on Sunday.

So before the 10k I ran on Saturday I had a gait analysis done.  Here are the high points that I remember
  • I am very quad dominant
  • my right leg does not straighten out as much as it should while I run
  • I have about a 12 degree right hip drop (should be between 8 and 10 according to the analyzers)
  • heel striker, a lot stronger on the left than the right
  • slight right arm crossover
Overall they thought I had great form and need to work on hamstring and hip strength and firing from my glutes more.  I think the heel striking is more a result of the treadmill.  I do not feel like I heel strike so strongly normally.  Maybe I do though.  I really thought I was more of a midfoot kind of person.  All of the above makes a lot of sense given all the injuries I have dealt with on the right side.

Given the right arm cross over and the right hip drop, not sure if they are a result of all the problems I have had on the right side or part of the cause. 

Plan.. work on strengthening my hamstrings and glutes more.  I need to concentrate more on making them fire, which is easier said than done.

I do know the rowing machine make my glutes burn.  I rowed for 21 minutes after work yesterday and they burned nearly the whole time. 

Apparently this is my race picture from the 10k last weekend.  Seriously.

What do you think, should I hang it on the wall?


  1. My PT is going to look at me next week--my fear is that after ALL this work I will still suck! But its always good to have a thorough analysis. One thing on the glute firing--concentrate on not allowing any arch in your lower back and keeping the pelvis stable. It helps. It's also not easy!

  2. Can I just say I love that picture?!! You are clearly all done!

  3. I am having a gait analysis done when I am on vacation in OR in two weeks. I was kind of on the line whether I should cancel, but after reading your post and seeing all the results that you got I think I will go ahead with it.

  4. Ugh if I can figure out how to fire my glutes more I'd save myself a lot of pain - literally! Glad you got the analysis - it's always helpful to know what to focus on.

  5. It's a great shot of you...but the background is just ok, too cluttered (blame my wife's eye on that one- I've inherited it!)

    If I got a gait analysis now, I'd fail :) Knowing what you do, it's hard to imagine you have any issues at all (ok, I know you've had the injuries, but the yoga, running- you kick ass!). You'll get those weaknesses taken care of in no time!!

  6. Gotta love those race photogs;) I honestly wonder if they try to take the worst/funniest pictures and laugh silently to themselves:/ Not that your pic was bad, but aren't they supposed to take pics of us running?

  7. i had no idea you could learn so much from a gait analysis! so interesting.

    and i LOVE that picture :) i have one from a marathon when i was walking. i was pissed.


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