Friday, June 6, 2014

Some Current Favorites

Taking my kids on little hikes or "adventures" as we like to call them.  I love it when they get along.

 Favorite breakfast right now is Powercakes

topped with

My new wrap bracelet by Florence Scovel.. and a steal for only 9.99.  I have been wanting a wrap bracelet for a long time.

  I also got this one.

Considering getting another.  ... I kind of like them all.

 The wildflowers. Here is a small sampling of what I have been loving.
 Running. Running is my favorite right now, the weather is beautiful, and I feel good. I love getting out the door before anyone else is awake and getting back while the kids are still sleeping.  The only downside to it is then I have to run close to the house, no trails.  Some morning I roll right out of bed and other mornings I struggle a bit, but I never regret it once I am out.  I think Cola likes the early morning runs too
 These two are always on this chair lately on our porch.  They look so snuggly, I want to climb in with them
What are you loving lately?


  1. Such pretty flowers! Finding flowers when I run is part of the fun of running. That, and pre-run or post-run pancakes!

  2. Do you watch the show Shark Tank? I'm pretty sure those pancakes were on there a few weeks ago.

  3. Those kitties... so sweet!!
    I love wrap bracelets too. I found a leather one the other day I'm obsessed with.

  4. Love your wrap bracelets! I thought I found some for a steal at $20, but you definitely got the best deal.

  5. Cute kitties! It's funny, my kids seem to get along the best when we go on hikes together:) I guess I need to make it happen more;)

  6. i'm in love with those kitties! i want to come over so that i can snuggle with them.

    i'm loving all the sleep that i've been getting. sure it means that i haven't done as much running (or anything fitness related) but apparently my body needs to rest. so resting i am.

  7. Love the prairie flowers in the Sping. All the crocuses are so pretty. I have been looking at the wrap bracelets too. You DID get a great deal.

  8. I am loving life in general right now. I find myself in a good place and I am loving it. Your kiddos... I always giggle because they remind me of me and my brother: all legs. They are adorable. Love the wrap bracelet. I got one a few months ago and I am always looking for excuses to wear it.

  9. Such pretty wildflowers! And I just want to snuggle up to those kitties (don't tell my husband... he wants a cat and I do not! I just want to cuddle yours and then give them back.:) )

  10. I'm loving your pictures. Those wild flowers are awesome! I've had trouble putting my camera away during runs lately because the wild flowers are popping up all over here too.

  11. I want to try that pancake mix! Lately I've loved spending so much time outside with my family, and running in the daylight again. :)


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