Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thumbs up running and weather. Thumbs down strength training and bears.

Sunday  8.5 mile run
              2 hour hike with Cola and the kids

Monday 10 mile run
               yoga 30 minutes

Tuesday Yoga 40 minutes before work

Wednesday 21 minutes rowing after work

Thursday 6 mile run, another stunning sunrise during my run

Friday day

Saturday  6 mile tempo run early
              really meant to do a strength workout, but by the time went I into work for three hours, mowed the lawn and weeded the garden, made cookies with my son he looked at me and said Momma, I just really want to snuggle with you right now.  My daughter was sleeping already (camp out at Grandmas with cousins the night before).  I looked around at all the things I needed to do
  • sweep floors
  • dishes
  • make supper
  • workout
  • yoga/stretch
  • laundry
  • clean the bathrooms
  • and on and on
and said "okay" The next thing I knew I was waking up and he was asleep snuggled up to me still.  Chores will wait that kid is growing up.

so the week ended up looking like this

Runs 30.5
Strength NO. That is a first in a long time, so I am not going to worry about it right now. There might also have been some preoccupation with booking my flight to San Fransisco for the Napa Ragnar, canceling and rebooking it, and booking a flight for my husband to meet me down there after the race.  EEEK!  so excited!
Yoga  2  (goal is 3) At least running is going good this week.
Rowing 21 minutes

 As a side note I saw a bear, ran with a bear, scared a bear on my run today. Okay I was probably more scared than he was.  I could have done with out that today.  Coincidentally I saw this on Facebook after I got done running.
 I will post about the bear incident tomorrow. 

I have to brag, the weather here has been amazing the last couple of weeks and we are soaking it all in.  It won't be long and we will be in the 90s and HOT. 
Shorty, Cow Gent (far horse) and my little cowgirl.  She really loves her horse.


  1. Love that pic with your daughter. She is adorable. And the bear incident. I cannot wait to read about that. Very scary. Be careful out there!

  2. Oh man, you left us hanging ... gotta hear the story about the bear!

  3. OMG I want to hear about the bear!

    People are always like .... "make sure you just ignore the cleaning once the baby comes!". Um.... I'm way ahead of you. Been practicing ignoring the cleaning my whole life.

  4. Bear?!!!! I can't wait! So excited for you that hubs will be meeting you in Napa! So exciting! I love the story about your son...the chores will always be there!

  5. i'm jealous of your running weather (not the bear..) we are already well into the 90s and miserable.

  6. What a great week (minus the bear)! It's nice to put off the chores and spend some time with those who mean the most to you. The chores will always be there.


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