Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Short last week in review

Sunday  5.5 mile run (note to self, do not eat a bag of cherries the night before a run)(seriously)
              45 minutes yoga with Colleen Saidman

Monday 11 mile long run got up super early for this one and had 5.3 miles done before the sun    peaked over the horizon.
               20 minute HIIT

Tuesday  yoga in the morning before work
                20 minutes rowing after work

Wednesday  30 minutes power yoga after work

Thursday 6 miles running in the morning with 2x 800 and 5x 400 with a warmup and cooldown


Saturday 5.5 mile run in the morning

Running 28 miles in four runs
Strength 1 goal is 3... oops
Yoga 3
Rowing 1

Yowza did I ever slack off on the strength workouts last week!  My best excuse is that with it being so nice outside, I have so much to do outside in the yard and in the garden.  

I also think it is good to have some slack off weeks now and then to rest up. 

My internet has been a little iffy lately so not a lot of blog activity, but I think it is back running so.. you can look forward to more posts soon, but I did want to get this week in review posted before it really late!
32 days until my next half marathon
4 days until my next 10k
what race are you doing next?


  1. It's way hot here in AZ, not much for racing weather. I think I'll sign up for another half this November. My hometown is putting one on for their first time ever...should be fun. Good luck on your 10k and half coming up. :) Jessica @ SweatIsMySanity.blogspot.com

  2. That looks like a good week - and awesome picture. Good luck at your 10K!

  3. Great week! You are going to go great at your half! Love the picture. I was imagining myself running there for a minute :)

  4. i really need to find a 10k to do! i think i haven't run one in like 5 years :)

    good luck at your race!


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