Friday, June 13, 2014

Let's talk 10k strategy real quick

This will be the third time I have done this particular 10k and maybe my 6th or 7th total and I think every time I run it I whine about the messed up start times.  (see previous post)

Since I have not been doing much speed work I am not expecting a PR. Since I have run this race before I know there are a couple of hills and a pretty good uphill portion so mentally I will be ready when I get to them.  My goals for the race include
  • don't start out too fast (downhill start so easier said than done)
  • stay focused in the middle miles and hills
  • finish strong
  • negative split
  • give body time to recover after the race
My best time for this race is something like 44:43 with a 7:11 pace.  I am thinking that since I ran the 5 mile race last month with a 7:twentysomething pace I can probably pull a 7:22ish pace for this race.
There ya have it!

You can't tell from the picture but the shirt is NEON yellow.  I rather kind of like it.

No fun swag bag, but there is an expo before, after and during the race where there are lots of fun things given out like water bottles and food samples. 

What is your 10k strategy? Any hints or tips are welcome!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you'll kick booty. I'm returning to running after a 6-week hiatus and I'm just happy to be able to run.

  2. Love the shirt. Strategy? have fun!!!! :)

  3. i am terrible terrible terrible at 10ks. so, no help here :)

    can't wait to hear how it goes/went :)


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