Sunday, June 1, 2014

Losing it, a Favorite Run and a Killer Deal

Sunday  5 mile run
              50 minutes of yoga
             2.6 mile bike ride with the kids

Monday 10 mile long run
               20 minute HIIT with rowing machine   
               4 mile bike ride with the kids
Tuesday  Rest day, we had a work meeting after work, got to love those!

Wednesday  5.5 mile run with 6x400 intervals
                     30 minutes yoga

Thursday   Rest

Friday  6 mile trail run
             40 minutes of yoga
            Knocked out the rest of the day with a migraine

Saturday   20 minute HIIT
Felt a little lacking in motivation this week. 

Runs 26 miles in 4 runs.  The most miles in a week in a long time.  This is why I didn't run    Saturday. I could have cross trained I guess but I just wasn't in the mood!
Strength 2.  goal is 3.  I am going to blame this on the migraine and a general lack of motivation this week.
Yoga 3 right on target
Crosstraining... not so good just the biking miles with the kids. 

Not sure where my motivation went this week I just seemed to have lost it.  I am hoping it comes back soon!

Although these pictures from my trail run on Friday are pretty motivating. The first part was all uphill but the views were incredible.
 I lost my trail, which was a little two track road, several times.  Can you see it?

 I did pause several times just to take in the views and enjoy all the wildflowers that were blooming.

 and we even ran into a bull snake. We also saw a green racer, but he was gone before I could take a picture of him.

Swirlgear is closing out their long sleeve shirts to make room for the new line that will be here any day now.

I have the yellow shirt and the long sleeve white/camo shirt and they are two of my favorite shirts and not see through as the pictures would suggest.  I get compliments on them every time I wear them out in public.

I am considering getting one of the running hoodies, but I better make up my mind, word is they are selling out fast and there are no larges left.  Thankfully I wear a small.

It is hard to think about long sleeves right now, but nice to score a great deal!


  1. What a pretty place to run! Watch out for snakes, though!

  2. Oh bull snakes. Haven't seen one of those for years and years. Glad you are able to get out and enjoy all that BIG SKY beauty.

  3. Wow, great views! Cola always makes me smile. What a beautiful girl she is!

  4. Looks like you've really built your mileage backup since your injury!
    I love seeing your trails. It would be awesome to run under open skies like that.
    Nice score on the shirt. I keep meaning to check out swirlgear!

  5. So great that you are running those kind of miles now! Must feel fantastic. And what great running you have out there, too!

  6. I can't even imagine how Bungee would react to seeing a snake. What did Cola do?

  7. Wow that snake is big! Are they poisonous? Cute kitties:)

  8. So excited to see a 26 mile week happening over there!! And gorgeous pics as always.


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